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Saftey Inspector, Industry Worker, Audit Manager


Client wanted to develop a safety risk assessment software and mobile application to perform audits and risk assessments across various industries, ensuring the highest possible level of safety and security.


System Architecture

System Architecture

Client Requirements

  • An Audit Manager App Functionalities
  • Automation of Inspection and Assessment Reports
  • Create Dynamic Forms from Web while being executed on Android app
  • Offline access and use capabilities
  • Perform inspection assignment and access role management
  • Easy addition of pictures and screenshot diagrams
  • User-Friendly Web App and Android app


  • Dynamic Form Generation in Web App and Android app simultaneously
  • Creation of Complex Database Management
  • Built-in advanced security for dynamic forms
  • Easy Rendering of Dynamic Form in Android App
  • Seamless operation on the phone in offline mode
  • Quick Implementation and Faster time to market

Our Approach & Solutions

  • Understanding the user goals and integrating them with business goals
  • Create a built-in form generator based on an open-source framework
  • Develop a built-in form rendering technology for the Android app
  • Create wireframes and interaction flowchart of operation
  • UI Design mockups
  • Final app prototype
  • User testing
  • Final Web app and Android app output


We developed the inspection cum audit manager app to keep the required implementation of the client while making sure the backend work and the database operation is an easy process. Accessing the safety risk assessment software offline was the biggest challenge. We standardised risk assessment audits at every point, making it easier for the user to access at any given point in time. With better staff engagement with an interactive, user-friendly risk assessment system, the web and Android apps were delivered within the client’s time frame. The addition of the operational insights helped the client to get a quick overview of the safety-critical areas.

Technologies and Tools

  • PHP

  • Android

  • Javascript

  • MySQL

  • NodeJS