Why Do You Require Custom Software?

Custom software development solutions give your business a competitive advantage by enabling it to be innovative. Businesses can leverage advanced technologies in a variety of ways to compete globally, improving overall productivity and overall user experience for their customers.

Increased Reliability

Custom software development services are very reliable in build as they cater to the company's requirements


Customized solutions never have recurring costs until they require new development or additions.

Highly Scalable

Custom software solutions can add new features, boost product capacity, or simply meet your company's changing needs.

Why TechEniac?

Complete product ownership

Agile Team and Mature Development Process

End to End encrypted Solution

QA Approved

Proven Proof of Concept for any Product

  1. Complete product ownership
  2. Agile Team and Mature Development Process
  3. End to End encrypted Solution
  4. QA Approved
  5. Proven Proof of Concept for any Product

Application Stacks

The application stack determines the competitiveness and feasibility of your custom software development solution. The applications enable start-ups and established organizations alike to add value to their operations by being interactive and efficient.


Accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, and compliance, and supply chain operations are best managed with ERP solutions.The primary goal of an ERP system is to boost a company's operational efficiency by monitoring and optimising the way resources are allocated within the business. The key to effectively boosting business growth and profitability is to improve and/or reduce the number of resources required without sacrificing quality and performance.


CRMs make sure that every connection with customers goes efficiently and conveniently in order to boost customer experience.Custom CRM software is used to make sure that. It collects client information from a variety of sources. CRM keeps track of all of the purchases, personal information, and even the buying habits of your users.


For your organization, HRMs automate the entire human resources management process. Each module in the system is designed to help a company's human resources department achieve its strategic goals under specific scenarios. Monitoring progress, assigning tasks, creating accounting procedures, and so on are all made easier with HRMS, which can be customized according to your needs.


Custom CMS makes it easy for your organization to create, edit, and publish material. Rather than coding, you can personalise your site's style and functionality via templates and plugins. Multiple users can also operate in the same tool's backend.

Tech Stacks

Industries We Cover

As a renowned custom software development company, we have served various businesses and organizations in the various industries such as Health Care, Fitness, E-commerce, Fashion, Enterprise, E-learning, Security, Food, Hospitality, Supply Chain, ERP & CRM. We aim for the perfect blend of design and development to build the best possible software solution tailored to your needs.

Health Care









Supply Chain



Third-Party Services Integration

We use third-party services to build custom solutions faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

Work Process

Requirement Gathering

While considering your objectives and target users, we discuss and plan the best models currently on the market.

Solution Architecture

We settle on a viable concept that has the potential to operate well and get to work on it right away.

UI/UX Research & Design!

We decide on the style and layout, and then handpick the most eye-catching features for the web app or the mobile app.


Strategies are put in place to develop the model while updating clients weekly/monthly.

QA Analysis

We test the finished product and check for any bugs that may have slipped through the cracks.

Client Feedback & Launch

Finally, the software that meets all of our requirements is made available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Support & Maintenance

By looking at user trends, we help the client with new and improved ideas for making the app or web app work even better.

Inspection, Safety & Assessment App
Astram – Inspection, Safety & Assessment App

We helped Astram company in developing their mobile app for the inspection, safety and risk assessment.

Technologies & Tools
We Use


  • .Net

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • Node

  • Angular

  • React

Project Tool

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Swagger

  • Sublime

  • Github

  • Atom

  • Bootstrap